Katniss, Oh Katniss, do you like Nachos?

Obviously, I am not, by any means a fan of the Hunger Games series. The thought of a bunch of young people being chosen ‘at random’ by a bunch of old, elitist pricks does nothing for my already screwed up mental state. Regardless, I was enjoying a relaxing reading session when my sis-in-law decided that instead of reading (I mean really, who does that?), I should definitely watch Catching Fire with her. My polite decline went unnoticed. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of this series. But, the nachos I just made go beautifully with it. Mind you, I’m all for watching people get murdered in horrible ways-but can we do it comedically? I am anxious and confused as hell 92.7% of the day; convinced that something awful is about to happen, so I typically prefer the comedic route as far as movies are concerned so that I can watch awful shit happen in a funny way. But, who says my preference matters at all??? Tuh! Anyway, consider this my mini-vent. I’m gonna continue munching away while half ignoring the harshness of this awful movie. I used a couple more expletives than usual in this post but fuck it, I’m angry, and this blog is NOT about you.


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