That’s What She Said…

I’m not crazy. I realize that a ton of crazy people make that exact statement, but really, I’m not crazy. I’m passionate. I’m intuitive. I’m spontaneous. Crazy, I am not. Relationships are tough for me, well, relationships are tough in general. When you throw two people together with different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions, hell is guaranteed to break loose. Relationships are an emotional roller coaster that usually end in someone getting thrown off (or out, depending on your living situation) and the ride is pretty cool while it lasts. You fly at high speeds toward some unimaginable goal with your hands in the air to simulate the freedom that you feel, then drop down into a dark valley and are left with your stomach in your throat, until you shoot back up again. Exhilarating, to say the least. But then, the ride ends, and you climb off; dizzied and disoriented, in search of another ride, hoping the line won’t be too long.

Relationships begin, end, and begin again depending on the whim of the participants. People enjoy trying out the different rides. Personally, I don’t mind roller coasters, but my favorite attraction at any theme park is the lazy river-marriage. You get comfy in a tube, stretch your legs, and relax in the sun while you float aimlessly around the park, watching the people get on and off the other attractions. There are slight dips here and there that throw you off balance, but sooner than later you’re back comfortably settled in the steady stream that is the lazy river. As eccentric as I am, the consistency of the river, as with the consistency of marriage relaxes me. 

My wife and I got married on a bit of a whim. Well, it may have seemed like a whim to her, but I knew I wanted to marry her by our second date (typical lesbian, lol). I think she’s amazing. Intelligent, caring, well-liked, all of the traits that matter in the person that you plan to spend the rest of your life with. I was more into roller coasters coming into our relationship, but the consistency of the river soon drew me in. Unfortunately, my previous love of roller coasters came back to haunt me in the worst way. Now, our tube has hit a divit (don’t they all? And right when you’ve began to nap!). I don’t like divits. They remind me too much of the coasters I moved away from. While many people have said that everything would be fine, and we’d maneuver around it, it’s only my wife that I believe (I mean, that’s obviously why I married her). So I’m writing this blog in order to distract myself from the divit, and focus more on the steady river ahead. 

Marriage is tough, but I’m tougher (that’s what she said). *sigh* They suck sometimes, but when they don’t suck, they’re really cool. And the cool part is worth all of the suckiness (I’d like to hope). If you disagree, it doesn’t matter, because this blog is NOT about you (or her, for that matter).



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